Emergency First Aid At Work


This HSE approved course is suitable for anybody who is responsible
for administering emergency first aid
in their place of work, providing certification valid for 3 years.

The Emergency First Aid at Work course will be tailored to the delegate and the specifics of their place of work.  Delegates are encouraged to ask questions and participate in the course, making it interactive, memorable and enjoyable.

Topics covered in this course will include:

•  minor injuries
•  resuscitation
•  angina
•  choking
•  shock
•  seizures
•  responsibilities & reporting
•  assessment of the situation
•  dealing with an unresponsive casualty
•  recovery position
•  infection control
•  bleeding control

Course fees are as follows….

£425+VAT for up to 2 trainees (on-site)
£475+VAT for up to 6 trainees (on-site)
£525+VAT for up to 12 trainees (on-site)
£POA for more than 12 trainees (on-site)

Please use the online booking form below to book your Emergency First Aid At Work training course.

* Your preferred training date will be provided wherever possible.  Where not possible, we will arrange with you an alternative convenient date.  Course may be held off-site if required, for a surcharge.

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