workplace risk assessment

WORKPLACE RISK ASSESSMENT                                     
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workplace risk assessmentOther working environments could include places of worship, libraries, workshops, gymnasiums, and many others.  All of these places may require a Workplace Risk Assessment.

It is important to consider the activities carried out, and who may be in the working environment, when considering what control measures may be reasonable. 

Common general mishaps include:

  • cuts and bruises to staff, contractors or visitors
  • back aches from manual handling (carrying heavy loads without a mechanical aid)
  • slips, trips and falls
  • fires (as a result of electrical equipment or arson)

The law requires that any UK working environment that is under the control of an organisation with at least 5 employees, must hold valid and up-to-date health & safety documentation.

Whatever the working environment, a workplace risk assessment will ensure that you are meeting your health and safety requirements. The required documents are:

Health and Safety Risk Assessments and Training